Please try environmentally friendly wood oil products that are safe for people

Wood oils produced from wood contain a good amount of phytoncide compound. It has many naturally derived effects, including insect repellent, anti-bacterial action, odor neutralization, aromatherapy, building materials and perfume, and has been drawing attention from various industries. Kiseitec promises you to contribute their achievements in studies on wood oils and phytoncide and the use of these products for a healthy life.

Product information

We provide processed products made of wood oils and technical support for our production.

Natural hinokitiol

Effectively using high quality and highly purified (over 99%) oils, which are extracted from Aomori Hiba tree (Thujopsis dorabrata) and Hinoki trees (Japanese cypress), we produce middle materials such as natural hinokitiol and environmentally safe bio-chemical products that have various use. We also offer our oil extraction technique and comprehensive support for other technologies for wood oil extraction and processing such as engineering and compound examination/analysis.

Natural Hinokitiol

Natural hinokitiol

This is information about hinokitiol, which has been drawing attention for its strong anti-bacterial compound and the broad spectrum anti-bacterial effects.

Kiseitec PRO series

PRO Series

Here, we would like to introduce you our non-chemical terminate prevention products that contain compounds of natural insect repellent and anti-bacterial.

Wood oil, Aroma oil

Aroma oil

We have a range of wood-extracted oil and distilled water such as Aomori Hiba tree oil, Aomori Hiba tree distilled water, Hinoki oil (popular for its fragrance) and cedar oil.

Aomori Hiba tree oil  Hinoki oil  Aomori Hiba distilled water