Natural Hinokitiol

We are using the effectiveness of natural wood oil in various fields by producing insect repellents, which contain the insect repellant effect of Aomori Hiba tree and cool-fragrant Hinoki tree aroma oil.

Wood oil products and relevant Products

Natural Hinokitiol

Natural hinokitiol

‘Hinokitiol’ contains phytoncide, a highly anti-bacterial compound. Because it has less impact on humans than chemically processed products, its development for use has been conducted in various fields.

Terminate repellent (non agrochemicals) Kiseitec PRO series

PRO Series

From wood to soil, our PRO series produces 3 types of aqueous insect repellents which can be used in various places. The main compound of the products is Kiseitec PRO oil, which is purified oil mainly from Aomori Hiba tree oil with high effectiveness of insect repellant compound.

Wood oil, Aroma oil

Aroma oil

These are highly-purified wood oils extracted from domestic trees such as Aomori Hiba and Hinoki trees and Japanese cedars. They have unique fragrances and insect repellent compound.