Natural Hinokitiol

We would like to introduce our products made of ‘Kiseitec PRO oil,’ highly active wood oil*. Kiseitec PRO oil is a blended oil of domestically produced tree oils mainly using Aomori Hiba tree oil that is rich with hinokitiol. * patent pending

Terminate repellent
(non-agrochemicals, made of natural materials)
Kiseitec PRO series

PRO 2003: micro capsules (with long-lasting effectiveness)

PRO 2003

For long-lasting effectiveness, we have encapsulated Kiseitec PRO oil. This is the most popular product. 20 liters.

Used for: terminate repellent for wood
Target: brand-new houses
Features: aqueous

PRO Aqueous Emulsion N: high-quality aqueous liquid

PRO Aqueous Emulsion N

We have liquidized Kiseitec PRO oil with naturally-produced active agents used for food processing. This has the strongest power for insect and fungal preventions. 20 liters.

Used for: terminate repellent for wood
Target: existing houses for insect damage
Features: aqueous

PRO Sol N: Oily liquid with high penetration


This is a mixture of low stimulus paraffin and Kiseitec PRO oil. Because of its oily characteristic, it has high penetration especially for wood. 18 liters.

Used for: terminate repellent for wood
Target: existing houses for insect damage
Features: Oily liquid


Non-agrochemical terminate repellent
Features of Kiseitec PRO series

1. No agrochemicals are contained

Because PRO series products do not contain any agrochemicals, there is no issue of building-persistent pesticide. They are also safe for pets. Moreover, the products are not made of any materials regulated under Building Standard Law (chlorpyrifos) and other chemicals, which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare defines concentration values (formaldehyde and fenobucarb). They have a fresh woody fragrance and have no irritating odor.

2. Effective use of Aomori Hiba and Hinoki tree oils [Kiseitec PRO oil]

It has been said that Hiba and Hinoki trees are very strong against terminates (even Housing Loan Corporation standardizes that houses built with bases of Hiba and Hinoki tress are strong against terminates). Long-term researches have revealed that Hiba and Hinoki trees have compounds of terminate repellent such as hinokitiol. Kiseitec PRO series products contain the hinokitiol as its effective compound.

3. Effective for sick house syndrome

Recently, there has been an attention paid to sick house syndrome, which is caused by chemicals used as building materials for houses. Even Building Standard Law has been amended in measures on the syndrome. Kiseitec PRO series products can be used without worrying because they contain no chemicals that have been pointed out as causes of sick house syndrome. Moreover, Hiba and Hinoki tress oils have compounds of anti-bacteria and anti-fungal, so they will reduce allergens.

4. Phytoncide effect (wood-bathing effect)

Fragrances of trees and forests have effective for mental stability and relaxation. This effect is called phytoncide. Hiba and Hinoki tree oils have the same compound.

5. No stimulus odor of terminate repellent

Kiseitec PRO series products have fresh-woody fragrance from Hiba and Hinoki oils and have no stimulus smells of traditional terminate repellent. * PRO 2003 may have unique odor of micro-capsule resin immediately after its use. It will go away after the product dry out (1-2 days).

6. Test result for anti-terminate effect

Anti-terminate effects of Kiseitec PRO series products have been proved by tests, conducted by Laboratory of Wood Science in Kyoto University under the standards of Japan Wood Preserving Association. Reduction rates of quality and quantity of the products meet the standard as they are under 3.0%. Because hinokitiol has high effectiveness of the preservation of insects, our products have high anti-insect effects.

Products name Average reduction rate of quality and quantity (%) Average rate of insect killing (%)
PRO 2003 2.5 9.3
PRO Aqueous Emulsion N 0.1 14.0
PRO Sol N 0.3 16.7
Non process products 21.0 10.3

7. Recycling products approved by Wakayama Prefecture

Recycling products approved

Kiseitec PRO series products are made of natural wood oils extracted from sawdust, wood chips, thinned wood. Moreover, we recycle wood powders produced after extracting wood oils into fertilizers for mountains and farms. Our efforts for recycling have been approved by Wakayaka Prefecture as our products have been registered as Recycling products approved by Wakayama Prefecture. (Wakayana Pref. Approval No. 1-66)

8. Our products have been acknowledged by the nation

After its sales in 1999, our products have been accepted by anti-terminate companies and construction companies in Okinawa, Kanto, Touhoku and Chugoku districts in the nation. Especially in Okinawa, where damages of terminates are seen commonly, there are stable demands for our products. Please see our customers’ list on this site.