Natural Hinokitiol

While it has been producing mass benefits to humans, the development of scientific culture has been causing new environmental issues such as pollutions and environmental disruptions. These are ‘diseases of earth.’ But we believe and hope that the power of forest trees could cure such diseases.

Message from the Producer

The development of scientific culture seen in the last two centuries has been outstanding in human history, especially in material ways, and it is absolute true it has contributed to people’s comfortable lifestyle and economic development. However, on the other hand, it is also true that such a development has been causing new difficult issues.

In the aspect of human’s health, while vaccinations against most of disease germs have been discovered, many sufferings from drug-induced disasters and drug reactions have not been solved yet. Moreover, there has been attention on cancers and AIDS, and as familiar issues in hospitals, there is news about bacterial resistance such as MRSA and Vancomycin. In addition, treatment of eczema (atopy) has not been established yet and a new environmental danger of endocrine disruptors has been recognized. When looking at the earth, there has been increasing number of environmental destructions such as air/water pollutions and global warming caused by the raise of carbon acid gas. These ‘diseases’ of the earth are big environmental issues and it is very hard to cure.

When I was working for a manufacturer of organic chemical products, I have had a chance to participate in support activities for researches by the Forestry Agency. At the time, through interactions with top researchers in the industry and those in firms, I learned that plants, especially forest trees, have a power to treat environmental diseases that the earth has. I also learned about phytoncide, which is an effective power that works for any kind of animal and that plants communicate each other using telepathy. In these worthy experiences, I found that the power of forest trees is a key to solve the problems for life and diseases seen in animal and human worlds.

Based on my experience, I established Kiseitec Ltd. with aim to develop and provide environmentally friendly living materials, which are made of physiologically active substances extracted from natural trees in natural biomass materials. The qualities of natural products are often unclear and arbitrary. However, we would like to provide reliable products to society by the industry’s common production management methods and measurement methods for improved results.

Our goal is to bring the bounty of forest trees into people’s life.

Kiseitec Ltd.
Producer Masahiro Higashi