Natural Hinokitiol

Kiseitec has been always working on producing wood oil products, and we will carry it on. We hope to be one of the companies that contribute to society by delivering the bounty of the nature.


Themes of our products: anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, insect repellent, odor elimination, fragrance, tranquilization, etc.

Oils of trees, such as Aomori Hiba tree and Hinoki tree, have many different kinds of effectiveness. Wood oils are not harmful to the natural environment and do not bring serious reactions for its use, therefore, anyone can use the products safely. Wood oils can be said ‘the bounty of the nature.’

Phytoncide is a compound of forest trees and it has amazing active effects. It influences any kind of animals’ movements and helps telepathic communications between plans. These effects are biomass materials that exist in nature, so the products with phytoncide are not only environmentally friendly, but they also have a big possibility to clean pollutions caused by increasing chemical and harmful products.

However, a traditional producing method did not allow us to extract a decent amount of oils from Aomori Hiba and Hinoki trees and also the quality level was not stable, so it was very difficult to use these oils as manufacturing materials. Its effectiveness had been drawing attentions in laboratories, but it took for long time to bring them out for commercial use.

In order to overcome these issues, Kiseitec has introduced know-how of production managements in a manufacturing field of organic chemicals and we have gradually approached to our goals. We repeated trials and errors for about 10 years especially for Aomori Hiba tree oil. By cooperating with other firms in the industries of forest, lumbering and machinery, we found a hint to extract a large amount of the oil in uniform quality. As a result of our efforts, there is now an increasing number of companies that conduct researches and development of products that are made of wood oils. Moreover, such synergy effects have been developing a market of oils extracted from other trees than Aomori Hiba and Hinoki.

Our goal is to improve our production technology, to develop new uses of compounds in wood oils, to support the growth of the wood oil market and to contribute to the protection of people’s healthy life and the natural environment with our technology gains.

History and Achievements

1. Establishing our own technology for mass production of wood oils

In order to produce wood oils for manufacturing purposes, we have introduced developmental know-how in chemical industrial plants. Especially for Aomori Hiba tree oil, we have succeeded in establishing our own technology to extract highly purified (over 99%) oil in high quantity using a massive pot that size is 2000-4000L. We would like to emphasize that our technology has been highly regarded as a recycling operation as we re-use materials such as mill ends, sawdust, barks and thinned woods, which were once thought of as non-recyclable.

2. Development of our own brand made of domestic trees that have active effects of protection

Wood oil products used to be produced using one oil. However, we have established a method to blend several types of oils to have all their effects in one oil. Using Aomori Hiba and Hinoki tree oil as core materials, Kiseitec PRO oils are produced by our unique blend technique. Since these oils have several of best effects from different trees, we recommend our customers to use them as a material for various types of products.
*Patent pending

3. Micro-encapsulation of wood oils

We have succeeded in applying micro-encapsulation to wood oils, the first time it has ever been done. With this technology, we have made it possible to conserve effectiveness longer, to reduce odor and to use oils for various types of things from liquid to solid. Our technology has dramatically expanded the range of use for the oils.
pat. 1823630

4. Others: Themes of our technological research and development

◆ Development of a new production method for natural hinokitiol extracted from Aomori Hiba tree
◆ Manufacturing research by tissue culture method for taxol, a compound of anti-cancer extracted from Japanese Yew
◆ Development of wood protective products using wood oils with anti-terminate compound.

5. Research groups and supporting operations

We have developed researchers’ networks in many industries by attending various meetings from research conferences to small interactive meetings. These opportunities are very important for us to obtain the most advanced information and technique to produce the best products.
◆ Research Association of Extracted Wood Compound Use (the Forest Agency)
◆ Research Association of Wood Physiological Function (the Forest Agency)
◆ Research Association of Cost Reduction for Dry Wood Materials (the Forest Agency)
◆ Research and Technology for the Improvement of Living Environment with Wood Compounds (the Forest Agency)
◆ Authorization Company by Creative Law of Wakayama Prefecture
◆ Wakayama Pref. Adventure Club “SUN SON Interaction Club”
◆ Member of Green Spirit Association
◆ Member of Japan Wood Preserving Association