Natural Hinokitiol


Hinoki extracted oil, Hinoki oil

One of the most popular aroma oil among oriental woods with its fresh fragrance

Hinoki tree oil

This is natural wood oil extracted from domestic Hinoki trees. Its fresh fragrance is very popular and the oil is often used for incense, aromatherapy soap, shampoo, bath aroma products and odor elimination products. It can be said the most popular wood fragrance.

■ Effectiveness of Hinoki oil
>>Anti-bacterial effect…although it’s not as strong as Hiba tree, Hinoki oil is effective for the prevention of mold and bacteria.
>>Insect repellent effect…prevents from aunts, mosquitoes, flies, etc.
>>Odor elimination effect…eliminates bad odor.
>>Relaxation effect…High effectiveness for aromatherapy as it has been introduced to yoga school.

Features of our Hinoki tree oil

Extracted by steam distilling method/ With the Exhaust Collection method for Drying Wood, we can arrange various type of Hinoki oil such as light boiling <-> heavy boiling, dark color <-> light color, light <-> thick (heavy). We can also provide a quality analysis sheet. Moreover, we take an order for leaf oil, which is very rare (available only on request basis).

**MSDS, Product Safety Data Sheet and Quality Analysis Sheet are available (prepared for operation purpose). Please contact us for further information.

Main purpose of use, history of delivery

Use Hinoki oil at home

Odor elimination: shoe locker, car, pets’ toilet, etc.
Anti-bacteria: kitchen-scrap collector, washstand, bath tub, etc.
Aromatherapy: aroma pot, aroma massage

Use Hinoki oil as a material

Our company’s products: used as a main compound of Kiseitec PRO oil, Kiseitec PRO series (non agrochemical terminate repellent), etc.
Used for: process materials for building woods, bath fragrance, odor elimination for house, soap and shampoo.

Product specification (Excerpted from Safety Data Sheet)

Product name Yoshino Hinoki tree oil
Substance 100% natural oil, distilled product
Appearance Yellow oily material with unique Hinoki fragrance
Solubility lighter than water and it does not soluble with water
Suitable container to store the product avoid using metallic containers. Use resins that have less permeability or glass containers are desirable for long term storage.
Storing Store the product in a cool/dark place with no fire/heat.
Inflammability inflammable liquid, it is designated as a hazardous material under the Fire Defense Law (Group 4, 2nd oil group).
Stability/ Reactivity it is stable in normal condition of use.
If the product has got in eyes wash it off immediately with clean running water for 15 minutes.
If the product has touched your skin Wash your skin with soap and rinse it off with water.
If you have swallowed the product Rinse inside your mouth and drink 1 or 2 cups of water/milk to dilute the product. After that, contact to a doctor and receive medical treatments if needed.
Epidemiologic information conducted acute oral toxicity tests to mouse LD 50/2000mg or more
For human less harmful under normal condition of use
Eye irritation Slightly irritable
Appropriate regulations the Fire Defense Law, Group 4, 2nd oil group (water‐insoluble)